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Future-Spark is a R&D Consulting Firm for New Technologies and Green Start-Ups,
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Solving the World's Sustainability Challenges in Your Lifetime.

Future-Spark owns large areas of intellectual property covering a range of key inventions and industrial alternatives for renewable and sustainable solutions, all geared toward improving the survivability of our technologically over-burdened World.

Future-Spark is putting together funding and staff for several Future-Spark Teams who all understand what is at stake on this Planet and are both enthusiastic and driven to work hard on these and other Future-Spark technologies

As Future-Spark Teams, we can make powerful things happen
in this
World for the betterment of everyone.

Please read the following business opportunities and decide where, how, and what you want to contribute. Click below for more information on each one. Then send your resume, a proposal, a business sketch, and/or funding plans on the subject(s) of your choice, including your own, and Future-Spark will begin matching teamwork, talents, tools, and technology to help launch these and other important advances in our World. In most cases, the standard Future-Spark Non-Disclosure Agreement will be requested as part of registration.

Future-Spark Sail Power

Sail PowerThis team will include expert sail makers, mast builders, mechanical and aeronautic engineers, among many others. The first two projects include retro-fitting existing "skinny-blade" wind turbines with sails, and the second uses that experience in designing the next generation of high performance sail turbines.

Future-Spark Silver Hydroxides

Curing with SilverThis team will involve chemists, microbiologists, process engineers, and international aid workers. The first task is to refine several processes and recipes under sealed lab conditions. The next step is to gear up for production and distribute supplies to populations with the most needs through several international health organizations.

Future-Spark Noble Warrior Training Camp

Noble Warrior Training CampAfter reading the NWTC Curriculum, the natural born leaders for this program will already know who you are. Getting to know each other better will involve a wilderness excursion trip as part of the staff training. Group cohesiveness for this program is paramount. The different professional backgrounds, expertise, and counseling skills must be woven together into the program to provide a strong safety net for these candidates.

Future-Spark High Powered Anti-Shark Systems

Fire-BoltThis team starts with building the new, proprietary Fire-Bolttm H.V. Pulse Coil.pdf into surfboards. The Fire-Bolttm can launch strong electro-magnetic pulses which are harsher and travel farther than existing Shark Deterrent devices. A dedicated group of ocean biologists and behaviorists will be able to verify the range and long-term effectiveness before distributing internationally on this fast track, crowd-funding program.

Future-Spark Long Range Electric Cars 

www.auricamotors.comThis team starts with a strong legal base, as Patent No. 8,928,290 is already under contention, as any good patent would be. This technology can double, possibly triple the driving range of electric cars, thus eclipsing fuel-based cars in long-term reliability and distance. After legalities, hiring an administration staff, several machinists, a few electronic geeks, and a custom car design group can finish the prototypes and testing in short order.

Future-Spark Rare-Earth Recovery Systems

Recycling Rare Earth MetalsThis global project starts with an international symposium of the best physicists, chemists, national labs, and companies building high-powered physics machinery and semiconductor capital equipment. The first symposium will overview the combined  technologies on several types of full systems: please review R.E.R. White Paper.
The global point: If CERN and the LHC, Large Hadron Collider, can be built to find sub-atomic particles, then ten R.E.R. Machines can be built worldwide to clean up toxic e-wastes and Super Fund Sites using the same Physics on larger atomic particles. These R.E.R. machines can even scrub Carbon, Sulfur, and other fossil fuel pollutants from the atmosphere and produce valuable Oxygen.
The next
symposium  will set an overall schedule, rough budget estimates, and other global concerns that can be outlined. Finally, sub-system work groups will begin forming around key sub-systems, based on knowledge and experience. The best talents will naturally gravitate towards their suitable groups. There a lot of work yet to be done in cleaning up this Planet Earth, and it starts with R.E.R.
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F-S Rare-Earth Recovery
What's Next ?
Will Your Technology Showcase at  Future-Spark R&D Center?

Future-Spark is building several networking hubs that bring together the best in ideas, technology, materials, tools, skills, talent, know-how, and most importantly, the quality people that have vision, drive, and dedication to make this World an easier and less polluted place to live in, together.

If you interested in getting involved with and/or funding one of these projects, please begin by downloading the standard Future-Spark Non-Disclosure Agreement. Read it, sign & date it, scan a copy for your records, and then attach the scanned e-file in .pdf format in your reply-email with a brief description of your interests, background, and experience that would put you in the lead with a Future-Spark Team. 

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